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Brandon Parker

Spokane, WA

Front End developer who makes complex Vue.js powered web apps. Strong experience working with remote teams for several types of clients. Prioritizes strong communication to deliver solutions to happy clients with minimal supervision. Well versed in the front-end ecosystem and quick to learn new technologies to fulfill current needs of a project.

  • 4 years of professional contracting and freelance experience

  • Experience in a full-time position

  • Proficient in a remote environment

  • Experience with a wide range of clients from small to medium, including eCommerce, SaSS businesses, and agencies


Fixd Repair Contract 2 years
Vue.js Developer - Sep 10, 2018 - Nov 19, 2020

Worked with a remote team to turn an existing WordPress site into a Vue.js powered web app. Wrote high performing JavaScript using Vue, Vuex, and Nuxt.

More Info
  • Coordinate with developers in different time zones

  • Create better application architecture with Vuex and Nuxt

  • Roll out a fully working MVP in less than 2 months

Ethode LLC Contract 1 year
Vue.js Developer - June 2020 - August 2021

Work with a remote team to deliver complex websites to several medium to large sized clients. Utilize Laravel/Vue powered web apps to create beautiful and functional end products.

More Info
  • Quickly learn technologies like dotCMS and Velocity to jump in and contribute to large key projects

  • Write high performing native JavaScript for projects that didn't need Vue.js

  • Learn back-end Laravel controller/model logic to help bring data to the front-end

Lead With Digital LLC Contract 2 Years
WordPress Developer ( and roots stack) - August 2018 - March 2021

Build high performing WordPress themes for medium sized clients. Write custom JavaScript and PHP to create advanced features specific to the client's needs.

More Info
  • Bring a google page insight score from 15-20 to 75-85

  • Customize and upgrade webpack builds to improve site speeds and performance

  • Create bash scripts for quicker deployments

Mobile Tool Network Contract to Full Time 1 year
Vue.js Developer - August 2021 - April 2022(Contract) && April 2022 - September 2022(Full time)

Work with a small remote team to continually improve app features, build components, increase performance, and fix bugs. I was started out as a contractor and brought in as a full-time employee after 9 months of contracting. I worked full time for 6 months until leaving to explore other opportunities.

More Info
  • Create custom features/components to help hundreds of tool truck drivers sell millions of tools

  • Utilize google analytics custom events and PWA features to drive conversions and sales

  • Redesign all app pages to give them a fresh look, including emails with MJML


Portfolio Website built with PHP, Laravel Blade, and WordPress -

Built with WordPress using the Sage 9 starter theme, including webpack, SCSS and Laravel Blade templates. The theme and site features are 100% hand coded

More Info
  • Daily blog traffic

  • Some posts have thousands to tens of thousands of reads

See Project
Web App built with React.js - is a meditation tracking app built with React.js, Redux, and SASS/Webpack

More Info
  • Learn and utilize functional concepts such as React hooks

See Project


Western Governers University
Software Engineering Bachelor's Degree - November 2022 - Present

Currently going through college to get my bachelor's degree. In this course, I learn vital skills such as version control, front-end, and back-end programming.

More Info
  • Learn Java through capstone projects and course material

  • Balance time between freelance work and studies

Viking Education | Remote
Online Bootcamp for JavaScript & Node.js - July 2017 - October 2017

Learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript and React.js. Created full web projects and learned JavaScript deeply

More Info
  • Learned JavaScript concepts such as lexical scope, variable hoisting, and implementing algorithms

  • Used technologies like Node.js to create functional web apps


  • Guitarist for over 10 years. You can catch me at concerts, jamming, or just having fun listening to new types of music.

  • Video game lover

  • Gym nerd. I love running and weightlifting!