Brandon Parker

Spokane, WA

Full stack developer who makes web apps in Laravel, React.js, and/or Vue.js. Strong experience working with remote teams for several types of clients. Quick to learn new technologies to fulfill current needs of a project.


Mobile Tool Network

Full Time Remote 1 year
Vue.js Developer - August 2021 - September 2022

Develop and maintain the startup's front-end Vue.js interface.

  • Utilize Vue.js styled components to streamline an outdated admin interface to improve order management and chart key sales data, leading to a ~15% increase in sales revenue.

  • Use fetch to query Laravel API data through inertia.js to build an interactive order history table that aesthetically displays relevant sales data, increasing order follow-through rate by over 7%.

Ethode LLC

Contract, Full Time 1 year
Vue.js Developer - June 2020 - August 2021

Assist and complete several high-impact projects for the agency's biggest clients.

  • Quickly contribute to projects that require learning new tech such as Laravel and dotCMS to build and deliver solutions for multi-million-dollar clients.

  • Refactor jQuery code to ES6 JavaScript for a multi-tenant Laravel app to improve code maintainability and increase front-end performance by over 12%.

  • Learn the MVC pattern so I can contribute back-end code to help the team hit critical and time sensitive deadlines.

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Fixd Repair

Contract, Full Time 2 years Remote
Vue.js Developer - Sep 2018 - Jan 2020

Join this startup’s team to build and maintain a brand new Vue.js/Nuxt web app.

  • Take an outdated WordPress site and build a new MVP with a tight 2 month deadline using Vue.js, vuex, and vue router.

  • Use Vue.js, SCSS, and keyframes to develop an interactive location map that increases user engagement and retention.

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Lead With Digital LLC

Contract, Part Time 2 Years Remote
PHP/WordPress Developer - August 2018 - September 2020

Build beautiful high-performing WordPress themes for key clients. Identify and address core client needs by delivering high quality end products using PHP and JavaScript.

  • Consume back-end API data and programmatically create over 100 interactive tables through a custom post type.

  • Utilize a modern toolchain and MVC-style framework in a WordPress environment to deliver high-end solutions.

  • Transform slow pages with large marketing assets into a blazing-fast experience, reducing First Contentful Paint (FCP) by up to 60%.

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Breathr is a Meditation Time Tracking Web App Built with Laravel, Inertia.js, React.js and Redux

  • Utilize the YouTube API to help users search and save millions of soundscapes, guided meditations, scenes, and much more!

  • Using industry best practices, securely authenticate and manage multiple app users and their data.

  • Use Redux to handle front end state of user actions, the video player, and toggleable components.

  • Completely redesign Breathr from the ground up using MUI Joy, Tailwind, and the Material UI React component library.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

    Western Governer's University

    Graduated December 2023

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
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    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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    Issued on June 2023

  • ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
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    ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

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    Issued on June 2023

  • WGU Certified Front-end Developer
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    WGU Certified Front-end Developer

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    Issued on August 2023

  • WGU Certified Back-end Developer
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    WGU Certified Back-end Developer

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    Issued on October 2023

  • Design | Visual Communications
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    Design | Visual Communications

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    Issued on November 2022

  • Business | Project Management
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    Business | Project Management

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    Issued on December 2022