Do you need a highly experienced developer who you can trust to deliver a professional solution? Need somebody who understands how to communicate effectively and deliver a working product?

Hello, I’m Brandon! I love solving practical problems using my expansive toolkit. I’m generally technology agnostic. I use the right tool for solving your problems and growing your business. I specialize in PHP/Laravel web apps using React.js or Vue.js.

You should hire me because:

  • I have over 5 years of experience delivering successful web apps, fixes, new features, and integrations. I’ve delivered over 100 successful projects for many clients.

  • I can get you through common project roadblocks that less experienced freelancers usually don’t see.

  • I prioritize your needs. Delivering a product is only half the experience. The other half is keeping the project on track, keeping you updated, communicating effectively when needed, and ensuring that all of your needs are met.

  • Your project will work flawlessly from the get-go. Don’t gamble with an inexperienced freelancer, hire somebody who does it right the first time!

  • I help foresee problems that you didn’t consider. Only an experienced developer is capable of doing that.

  • If you invest in me, I invest in your project and want it to succeed.

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My main skills and expertise include:

  • Blazing fast landing pages that hit over 95% on Google Page Insights and load times under 1 second.

  • REST API implementations and integrations for WordPress, Laravel, JavaScript, and many more.

  • Robust web apps and components using Vue.js and React.js.

  • An eye for design, allowing me to perfectly implement a design or even create a fresh one.

  • Solutions that follow best practices, are secure, and work to generate results for you.

Services and Prices

Powerful Web Apps with Laravel, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js

I offer the ability to create, modify, and/or maintain both the front end and back end of your product. I charge depending on the nature of the work.

A fresh project is the most involved, involving an agreement to initial project scope and a budget. Prices for a fresh project or MVP vary depending on the scale and scope of the project. Full projects are typically quoted as a fixed price. I will take 50% of the initial cost up front then the rest upon project completion. For additional out of scope changes, I charge an hourly rate.

If you have an existing project, I offer bug fixes, design enhancements, and other project maintenance tasks at an hourly rate.

Generally, I bill large project updates as fixed price or hour and take 50% up front. Anything small I prefer to bill hourly on a task-to-task basis.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Development

Using the flexible WordPress ecosystem, I offer the ability to create bespoke themes and plugins for your business. Prices for either of these vary but generally fall into a range.

Generally, a full theme or plugin requires a scope agreement and quote. I take 50% up front then take the rest upon project completion. Out of scope tasks are quoted and billed at my hourly rate.

A WordPress theme typically falls into the $3000-$15000 range. A custom plugin typically falls into the $2000-$8000 range.

If you have an existing project, I offer bug fixes, design enhancements, and other project maintenance tasks at an hourly rate.

Landing and Marketing Pages

You want to kickstart a successful marketing campaign? I got you. I offer landing page(s) that convert, load quickly, and ultimately produce results for your business.

I assume you already have the marketing copy. I handle on-page/technical SEO, development, and maintenance of the campaign pages.

I charge on an hourly basis for most campaigns unless it’s large scale.

Landing Page Development
I can make landing pages for your product. It doesn’t matter whether you use WordPress, Squarespace, or a custom React app. I’m also able to do API integrations such as HubSpot. All landing pages I create have SEO and speed in mind.

Speed Optimization
All pages I create will be optimized to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, I offer speed optimizations for existing websites and webpages.

Technical SEO for Existing Pages
Pages loading slowly? Is google complaining about something you don’t know how to fix? I got you covered. I’m able to improve several web metrics, including accessibility, SEO/indexing, and best practices.


Anything Else?

Chances are, your needs are more complex than what a card can describe. I expect this. It’s important that we have a back-and-forth discussion so I can understand your goals, motivations, and problems. At the end of the day, I am a problem solver and am agnostic about what technology or solution I use. I just want to see results!

Ready to take the next step? Let’s get a discussion going!