Learn more about me and how I can help you

I offer services ranging the full stack, but mostly work with implementing designs, improving current designs/UX, and building completely new solutions.

Website Redesigns

Whether you are starting fresh or re-implementing a current solution, I can offer to fully redesign the look, feel, and functionality of a website. Want a simple landing page? Want a full on 20 page redesign? I’d be happy to get started.

Custom Themes

Your site will always have its own specific needs and goals. Especially as it grows. That’s why generic marketplace themes won’t always cut the bill. I offer custom WordPress theming and plugins from the ground up. You name it, and I can make it happen.


A website can be built perfectly, but it still needs ongoing security updates. Let’s not forget things like hosting, SSL certificates, and plugin updates. A good developer should keep your site updated as your business grows. Need help with a current site? Need updates after a site is created? It’s part of my job to keep it going for you.

Ready to kick-start a project? Want to bring your current website into the modern world? Let’s get in touch and we can start talking about project specifics. You can reach out to me on Upwork, and we can take it from there!