Rental Chasers Theme Modifications

October 2019 - December 2019
  • Use JS to make charts that are visually interesting
  • Modify existing functionality to work with the House Canary API

Project Overview

John needed modifications to a project that was a work in progress. My job was to finish up the remaining site features so the site can launch. Changes included design updates, house pricing charts, and integrations with the house canary API to get relevant rental information.


The process was to work on features as they came in. I had a general list of things to work on and details came as I asked questions and the project progressed. Most of the work revolved around integrating the API and updating information site-wide to reflect this. Lots of testing was required since lots of parts needed to be updated. I used Chart JS to integrate the data and display it.

John Henzy

Brandon communicates very well, follows directions, and saved our project at the 11th hour. He is very approachable and didn't get frustrated when we had to make some quick changes. Highly recommend his services and is one of the best I've worked with.

Technologies Used

The stack was straightforward, just plain JS, WordPress, and CSS.

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