custom JavaScript Form

Aug 2020 - Sept 2020
  • Take existing legacy code and make a plan on how to work with it
  • Write code that is future proof and unlikely to break with future updates

Project Overview

I was tasked with fixing an existing custom JavaScript form on a WordPress theme. The form was built with jQuery and had inefficient code. Moving forward, I decided to completely reimplement it from scratch.


Looking at the sea of jQuery, I was shocked that it managed to reach multiple thousands of lines of code when it really only needed a few hundred max. Realizing that most of the logic was hard-coded and not even being looped through pushed me to do the JavaScript all over again. I started by looping through each form item instead of hardcoding each one and refactored the logic to replicate the intended functionality. No design work was needed, I just had to make sure the previous design elements were present.

After I was done, I had turned a few thousand-line JavaScript file to just shy of 200! Overall, it was satisfying to see how much more efficient I could make the code.

Crystal Rothwell

My experience working with Brandon was very positive. He helped me on a variety of client projects and completed them all successfully. In particular, his help on the forms was invaluable. He helped update a large amount of custom css and javascript on several long web forms to be compatible with the new version of the form plugin's code. I look forward to working with him again.

Technologies Used

This project was simple, only JavaScript and some jQuery was needed.

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