Dont Tell Comedy – Dynamic Email Campaign

June 2021 - August 2021
  • Create HTML emails that work on popular email clients
  • Account for dynamic data that is fed through Django

Project Overview

Don’t Tell Comedy needed multiple custom emails for their customers. My job was to code and test them, mainly for Gmail and IOS mail client. I haven’t touched HTML emails in a while, but I thought I’d take on the job since I had good experience with Foundation for Emails/Inky. Using that, I was able to deliver the emails in a decent time frame.


The Inky framework uses a build process that converts special markup to the table layouts that are needed for most email clients. This lets me build layouts that would normally take hours and hours of tedious formatting in much less time. As far as the styles go, those are very straightforward, though my styling choices were limited.

Once the emails were built out, the outputted HTML was made into a Django template where data was looped through. Overall, the process was simple it just required tweaks and testing throughout the process.

Technologies Used

HTML emails don’t support much, so basic CSS and HTML was all that was needed. Inky allows for SCSS, so I did utilize it.

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