Don’t Tell Comedy – Django website

June 2021 - July 2021
  • Learn Django's template language to loop through and implement front-end features
  • Implement styles from the old website accurately

Project Overview

Coming in, the website was mostly built and functional, it just lacked the front end features and styles. Using their old SquareSpace site as a reference, I implemented custom front-end styles using Bootstrap and good old CSS. My goal was to make a look-alike website, but I did end up making various small improvements and additional features such as a JavaScript image slider.


The process wasn’t like many other projects I’ve done. Normally I build pages from scratch, but the pages here were already there. I had a checklist of items for each page on the site, similar to something I’d see in a card-based system like Trello. I knocked these out one by one and revisited them if there were further changes to make.

Small updates were added to the checklist, so I simply knocked them out as they came up. The project ended up being short since there weren’t many complex features and I can write HTML and CSS quickly.

The website was built with Python/Django, so there was a small learning curve for Django’s templating language. I have experience with several templating languages, so picking up Django’s wasn’t a problem. As far as Django goes, the front end templates were the only things I had to mess with.

Technologies Used

Besides Django, the website was very straightforward. Simple CSS/HTML and vanilla JavaScript was all I needed.

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