Carbuckets Vue.js Powered Web App

Feb 2021 - April 2021
  • Learn storybook and cypress testing to get up to speed quickly
  • Learn a Vue.js design pattern I was unfamiliar with
  • Isolate and test components effectively using storybook and cypress

Project Overview

Carbuckets was an existing app that needed new features and updates. I was tasked to take certain components and pages and build them out. The app had an existing code structure that I learned to effectively make changes.


The process revolved around how the codebase was structured. Since we used storybook, the first step was to make the component’s design with populated data fed through the storybook component. This really helps with isolating the design step and not having to worry about hooking up data quite yet. Once that was completed and approved, my job was to grab the correct data from the vuex store and hook it into the design component.

The design pattern involved a parent wrapper component that contains the child components I was working on. I’d hook the data that was fed into the parent component into the isolated design component.

Throughout the entire process, I used cypress to test key functionality including file uploads, state management and consistent design.


Brandon did great work for us, would recommend and will likely use his expertise again in the future.

Technologies Used

Vuex and vue router was used for passing data to my components. To make the designed components themselves, I used vue.js and SCSS. Hooking up data involved making API calls and storing them in vuex then retrieving and reading those values through vue templating. Cypress was used to test all of the above.

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