20+ Page Custom WordPress Theme

Apr 2019 - June 2019
  • Create a high-performing theme for a content-heavy website
  • Accurately code out the provided mock-ups
  • Allow for easy content editing for non-technical users
  • Work effectively under tight deadlines

Project Overview

Driven Foundation needed a theme that was easily customizable, flexible, and responsive across all screen sizes. The solution here was to use ACF flexible fields to allow reordering of main page sections. This makes components easily reusable across all pages. These components could also be moved around at any time by a non-developer, essentially creating a page-builder like experience.


General Flow

From the beginning, the site’s design and overall feature map was already well fleshed out. Normally I’d code items page-by-page, but this process was a bit different. The idea behind this project was to allow the client to reorder page sections from the admin area. This means they can drag-and-drop page sections from the admin, similar to a page builder.

Why Advanced Custom Fields(ACF)?

Why not just use a page builder? There are several good reasons. First of all, they tend to be pretty clunky and suffer from “feature bloat”. With ACF, I was able to create custom markup that accounted for the custom features that the design called for. For example, the API Instagram slider.

Adapting to New Requests

There has never been a time a client was 100% sure on what they wanted. Both during and after the main site was built out, there were new feature requests. These included new components, JavaScript changes to existing elements such as the image sliders, and style/UI changes.

Technologies Used


The starter theme used for this project was Sage 9 from roots. It includes PHP 7+, composer, blade templates, and the sober WP controller for giving an MVC-like app structure.

Build Process

Sage comes with a Webpack build that includes ES6 compilation, code linting(eslint and stylelint), SCSS, and browsersync/hot reload.

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