Brandon Parker

Front-End Developer

Static sites, web apps, redesigns

WordPress Developer, custom themes, optimizations

About Me

Hello, my name is Brandon! I am a front-end developer who also works with custom WordPress themes. My main strength is building responsive layouts with CSS and JavaScript. My favorite JavaScript libraries are Vue and React. I am based in Spokane, Washington and am open to contracting & work opportunities, especially for a team.

What I Work With

Velocity (vtl)

Custom Solutions

Custom code for your ever growing business requirements. Whether you need WordPress, PHP, or JavaScript, I aim to deliver high quality solutions for your end users.

Results Focused

High quality code is important, but communication and results come first. At the end of the day, delivering an amazing solution is more important that sitting alone hacking that perfect line of code.

My Work

20+ Page Custom WordPress Theme

Stay Driven is a custom responsive WordPress theme built with the starter theme. It features ACF flexible fields for easy page section reordering.

Large Custom WordPress Theme for a Cloud Based Product

Kloudless is an API Integration platform that makes it easy for developers to integrate APIs such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and many more into web services. They offer one API, which is used to access over 100 API integrations in an easy to use way. My job was to build, maintain, and deploy their main WordPress site and build their custom theme.

Crystal Rothwell

My experience working with Brandon was very positive. He helped me on a variety of client projects and completed them all successfully. In particular, his help on the forms was invaluable. He helped update a large amount of custom css and javascript on several long web forms to be compatible with the new version of the form plugin's code. I look forward to working with him again.

James Giannini

Brandon is a true pro. He helped me bring my designs to life, which helped me get the job I wanted. He's organized, friendly, and always brings good ideas to the table. I would absolutely recommend him to any future clients.

John Henzy

Brandon communicates very well, follows directions, and saved our project at the 11th hour. He is very approachable and didn't get frustrated when we had to make some quick changes. Highly recommend his services and is one of the best I've worked with.

Gregg Henry

Brandon completed the project on time and was able to deliver a great website experience. We had some difficult/non-typical ideas for him to develop and he came through on them. Very happy with his work!


Brandon did great work for us, would recommend and will likely use his expertise again in the future.

Voodoo Manufacturing

I had a great experience working with Brandon. He asked all the right questions and kept me updated throughout the duration of the project. He completed the project right on schedule and everything turned out perfect!

Element 74

Great work! We would definitely recommend Brandon to anyone looking for WordPress development.

Want to check out some code demos?

Check out code samples written in JavaScript, React, Node, and more

Demo 1
Defining Reusable Column Extends with SCSS

Quick Note: The atSmall type mixins are just basic media queries. Since these kinds of layouts are common, they also need to be overwritable if I want to change the spacing. Generally, the ‘default’ spacing is defined in the extend/mixins. Example Use Cases To get the layout working, you only need a container class and […]

Demo 2
Discord Bot: Reddit API Ask Feature

The Purpose Some Discord bots have a feature where you can “chat” with the bot(i.e: Cleverbot integrations). I decided to take a spin on this concept and utilize the Reddit API to answer common questions. A user from the server asks a question using the b!ask command, then the bot gives a random answer from […]

Demo 3
React.js Modal Using The Hooks API

Modals are a classic piece of application functionality, made even easier with libraries like React. You could go with a library, but you can often make your own with less than 100 lines of code. Using the hooks API, you don’t even need a class based approach. This example is going full functional! Defining The […]

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