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I am Brandon, a front-end developer based in Spokane, WA. I’ve worked with small to medium sized companies, creating custom solutions to fulfill tailored business goals. I am a front-end developer focused on crafting beautiful UIs with Vue.js/JavaScript. As a developer, solving business problems with code is my passion.

Who I Work With

I’ve mostly worked with startups, agencies, and technical freelancers who need a helping hand. Most of my clients are technical, but I also work with business-focused clients. At the end of the day, I’m a problem solver, so I keep my options open. Any client just wants some kind of problem solved.

I like to see my clients focus on the business part, while I handle the technical part. You can have the greatest developer in the world, but nothing will happen until you find someone who can turn real business problems into a solution.

My Technical Stack

Interested in the nitty gritty? Here’s a brief outline of what I prefer to work with.

Web Apps

I have a few years of experience with Vue.js. I try to choose Vue 3 over version 2 when I can. I also work with React.js, though have less experience with it. I’m a believer in choosing the right tool for the job and have certainly done so with technologies like React, Cypress, Laravel and Nuxt.

Static Sites

Depending on the complexity of the project, I’ll bring in a JavaScript library such as Vue.js and/or a static site generator. I focus on making static sites perform well, anything below an 80 on google page insights should be unacceptable for a static site! Static sites always benefit from a decent webpack build, some well-organized css/scss, and semantic markup.


When I have the option, I go with the roots/sage/bedrock stack, which brings modern practices into the WordPress world. For simpler projects, I’ll go with a starter theme such as _s or whatever the project is currently coded in.


Want to kick-start a project? Want to improve or redesign an existing one? Don’t be afraid to reach out and check my availability. I am currently open to contract/freelance work and full-time positions.

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