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Brandon Parker

Fully Capable Full Stack Developer

Web apps with React.js and Vue, PHP, Laravel, WordPress

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Technical SEO, accessibility, lightning-fast load speed, optimization, user experience, conversions

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Bespoke WordPress Development

Custom themes, plugins, REST API, SEO, site performance

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Hello, my name is Brandon! I am an accomplished full-stack developer. I am based in Spokane, Washington but I primarily work remotely. My focus for a while was on the front-end. As a result, I am strong in WordPress theme development, Vue.js, React.js, CSS, and responsive design, and more. My most unique skill is having a good eye for design while being strong on the technical side.

With many successful projects under my belt, I’ve learned to adapt to project requirements and technologies at a lightning pace. As a result, I hold a wide array of skills, including back-end development. At this point in my career, I’m confident across the whole stack which makes me excited. I’m able to solve more problems than ever before. I’ve created full-stack applications with WordPress, Laravel, PHP, and more.

Adaptability is my strength and that shows when the first project roadblock hits. One thing I noticed about some developers is that they aren’t business focused. This is where I differ. I like seeing clients succeed as a result of my work. Technical SEO, page speed performance, and ensuring successful content marketing are what I prioritize on top of a well-functioning application.

If you’re here, you must be interested in my work. The meat and potatoes are on this page, but you can also check out my projects. I also create content which you can find on my blog.

I am open to remote opportunities with a preference for front-end heavy work.


Over 21 Successful Projects.

Breathr.io – Build Your Meditation Practice One Day at a Time

The logo for the Breathr.io – Build Your Meditation Practice One Day at a Time website.


personal project web app
About Them

Breathr.io aims to encourage daily meditation as a habit by providing an intuitive timer, time tracking, and the ability to find any kind of relaxing video you want. Breathr was originally inspired by calm.com. Unlike calm, I wanted the core app to be simple with the ability to search any video you want instead of a few pre-selected options.

See Site Live
What I Did

Using the powerful React and Redux combo, I was able to create a single page app that is responsive, user-friendly, and creative. The web app currently hooks up to two APIs: YouTube and thesaurus. YouTube is utilized in several places to select and control the selected video all from the app's controls. The thesaurus API is used to help users find new video suggestions and explore their horizons.

  • Make an interface that is friendly on all device widths
  • Create a design and UX that is easy to use while handling a growing feature set
  • Learn how to effectively use Redux with React


Fixd Repair: A Vue-Powered Home Repair Website

The logo for the Fixd Repair: A Vue-Powered Home Repair Website website.

2018 September - 2020 November

SaaS web app
About Them

Fixd Repair is an innovative home repair webapp showcasing the seamless integration between Vue.js and modern design. Fixd Repair seamlessly connects homeowners with trusted professionals, streamlining the process of fixing household issues.

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What I Did

Originally built as a WordPress site that became dated, I used Vue.js to reimagine the whole app from the client's design files. As a result, Fixd Repair has a fully functioning responsive web app that successfully connects customers to home repair services.

  • Give the app a modern redesign without losing the intent of the original message
  • Optimize load times and emphasize performance
  • Work effectively under fast-moving business deadlines and project curveballs

Stay Driven Custom WordPress Theme

The logo for the Stay Driven Custom WordPress Theme website.

Apr 2019 - June 2019

good cause
About Them

The Stay Driven Foundation, co-founded by former Ohio State and NFL players Roy Hall and Antonio Smith, is dedicated to empowering youth in Central Ohio and surrounding regions. Since its inception in 2009, the foundation has spearheaded diverse initiatives, from motivational assemblies and leadership programs to youth yoga sessions and career field trips. They've generously provided over 1.5 million pounds of food to almost 10,000 families and gifted over 3,000 students with essential school supplies. Through their expansive outreach, they've positively impacted 75,000+ students across 25 Ohio counties, fostering personal growth and academic success.

See Site Live
What I Did

To make this website come to life, I created a custom WordPress theme tailored to their unique requirements. I used ACF to create a fully customizable interface, granting the client unparalleled flexibility for the site's content needs. The WordPress and PHP code was optimized, ensuring a responsive, swift, and seamless user experience. Recognizing the need for simplicity, I implemented a user-friendly backend, allowing even non-technical team members to edit content.

  • Create a high-performing theme for a content-heavy website
  • Accurately code out the provided mock-ups
  • Allow for easy content editing for non-technical users
  • Work effectively under tight deadlines

Brandon completed the project on time and was able to deliver a great website experience. We had some difficult/non-typical ideas for him to develop and he came through on them. Very happy with his work!

Gregg Henry

, Triple G Interactive

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My experience working with Brandon was very positive. He helped me on a variety of client projects and completed them all successfully. In particular, his help on the labelprint.ca forms was invaluable. He helped update a large amount of custom css and javascript on several long web forms to be compatible with the new version of the form plugin's code. I look forward to working with him again.

Crystal Rothwell

, CreateScape

Brandon is a true pro. He helped me bring my designs to life, which helped me get the job I wanted. He's organized, friendly, and always brings good ideas to the table. I would absolutely recommend him to any future clients.

James Giannini

, giannini.com

Brandon communicates very well, follows directions, and saved our project at the 11th hour. He is very approachable and didn't get frustrated when we had to make some quick changes. Highly recommend his services and is one of the best I've worked with.

John Henzy

, Rental Chasers

Brandon did great work for us, would recommend and will likely use his expertise again in the future.


, CarBuckets

Brandon is a great developer. He is very reliable. I hired him to help with some extra work and he did a great job. Thanks Brandon.

Crystal Rothwell

, CreateScape

I had a great experience working with Brandon. He asked all the right questions and kept me updated throughout the duration of the project. He completed the project right on schedule and everything turned out perfect!

Mike B

, Voodoo Manufacturing

Great work! We would definitely recommend Brandon to anyone looking for WordPress development.

Chris Edmonds

, Element 74

Fast turnaround of exactly what we needed. Able to work with less than perfect specifications. Worked around a significant technical limitation of the framework that we required him to use in a satisfactory way.

Andrew Magruder

I like how I'm able to edit the backend values myself, it's intuitive and didn't take too long to figure out. This is just what we needed, thank you Brandon.

Samar K.

, TWCGlobal

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  • Let’s Learn SASS & SCSS: Getting Up And Running (Part 1)

    Let’s Learn SASS & SCSS: Getting Up And Running (Part 1)

    If you’ve been in web development long enough, you’ve probably heard of SASS/SCSS. That’s no surprise, considering it has been around for so long(over 10 years), and it’s included in many popular build systems. Webpack builds such as create-react-app and Vue CLI templates come with easy SASS support. If you’re using your own build system,...

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  • Testing File Uploads With Cypress.io

    Testing File Uploads With Cypress.io

    Cypress is an end-to-end testing framework designed to provide coverage for front-end UIs. Learning how to automate tests has its learning curve, but the benefits grow with your application’s complexity. I was tasked to test a process that involves uploading multiple types of files. In particular, application/pdf and image/* mime-type files. Doing this with Cypress...

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  • Advancing Your WordPress Workflow: Managing ACF Field Groups The Right Way

    Advancing Your WordPress Workflow: Managing ACF Field Groups The Right Way

    If you develop custom WordPress themes, there’s no doubt ACF (pro) is in your toolbox. Simply put, it feels like a natural extension for developing custom themes. If you still haven’t picked up this tool, I’d recommend hopping over to their website and see what you’ve been missing. Out of the box, you get powerful...

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