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Powerful Interfaces with Vue.js, React.js, and TypeScript

I code modular components that keep business requirements and scaling in mind.

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Capable full stack developer

I love building APIs and MySQL schemas, especially with Laravel.

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I love to code

Simply put, I love to solve problems and work with great people to make things happen.

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Hello, my name is Brandon! I am an accomplished freelancer and full-stack developer. I am based in Spokane, Washington but I primarily work remotely. I am currently available to remote opportunities and in-person jobs in Seattle, WA (hybrid preferred).

I have been coding since 2016 and professionally since 2019. I started out with freelancing, learning the ropes of front-end development and WordPress. Over time, my skills grew, especially front-end. I learned that I love to help people and solve problems. Soon enough, I also learned that I love to work with teams. Since then, I’ve picked up Vue.js, React.js, PHP, Laravel, and so much more. My greatest strength is strong communication skills with the ability and passion to pick up new technologies.

On this page, you will get a feel for what I’m capable of. Feel free to also check out my projects or blog.

Over 23 Successful Projects.

Vue.js + dotCMS Web App for a Multi-Million Dollar Lumber Enterprise

The logo for the Vue.js + dotCMS Web App for a Multi-Million Dollar Lumber Enterprise website.

7 months

Legacy Redesign Team
About Them

Carter Lumber is a leading American building supplier with a vast network of over 160 locations across the eastern half of the United States. Operating under seven distinct brands, the company services professional builders and homeowners in thirteen states. Many of these brands have a legacy of serving their local communities for more than fifty years, making them integral parts of Carter Lumber's family of companies. With a commitment to exceptional service and quality building materials at competitive prices, the company attributes its enduring success to its extensive industry experience and adherence to hometown values.

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What I Did

As a Vue.js developer, I was brought on to finish the development of the Carter Lumber web experience. Carter Lumber is a large company, with special content needs and almost 200 nationwide locations to manage. My job was to not only create reusable Vue components that captured specific requirements, but to also learn and adapt to the dotCMS environment. The tech stack involved using dotCMS/velocity with Vue.js integrated templates. Over a period of 6 months, I worked with a team of developers to turn an unfinished project into a deployable web experience that captured many broad requirements, including the creation of multiple family sites.

  • Create a modern experience from an old legacy website.
  • Create a modular component that makes it easy to find and locate information about one of Carter Lumber's 180+ locations.
  • Use dotCMS to create an admin interface that makes it easy to add content to any of their 8 family sites, baked with user permission management and ease of use.
  • Create maintainable Vue components that are reusable across the many pages and family sites.

Laravel Web App for a Custom Repair Bike Shop

The logo for the Laravel Web App for a Custom Repair Bike Shop website.

3 months

admin interface customer portal web app
About Them

Fluid Focus specializes in custom-tailored suspension systems that ensure enhanced control, handling, and bump absorption for riders. Utilizing a state-of-the-art suspension dyno from CTW Automation, they precisely measure and graph custom tunes to provide optimal and safe suspension performance. With extensive experience, including factory race team roles, they service, repair, and tune various major brands, ensuring riders are always satisfied with their suspension setup.

What I Did

For Fluid Focus, I created a brand-new web app using Laravel that runs on a Sails Docker container. My client's customers need the ability to save custom suspension data to multiple multi-dimensional tables with the ability to expand the number of columns. Using the Laravel eloquent ORM, I was able to map out an efficient database schema that allows users to add and edit this information. Additionally, my client needed the ability to view and edit all customer information. I created a special admin user that can select a user, view their data, and edit any column as well as upload relevant images that send a notification email. This web app serves as both a customer portal and an admin interface.

  • Implement a custom MySQL data schema using Laravel's eloquent model.
  • Allow both admin and user portal image uploads with the option to send email alerts.
  • Manage both fork and shock information with the use of multi-dimensional tables.
  • Deploy the web app using Laravel Forge and Digital Ocean with the ability to send SMTP emails.

Vue.js/Nuxt Web App for a Rapidly Expanding Home Repair Company

The logo for the Vue.js/Nuxt Web App for a Rapidly Expanding Home Repair Company website.

1-2 years

SaaS web app
About Them

Fixd Repair is an innovative home repair webapp showcasing the seamless integration between Vue.js and modern design. Fixd Repair seamlessly connects homeowners with trusted professionals, streamlining the process of fixing household issues.

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What I Did

With the opportunity to create a web app from scratch, I happily picked up Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router from my toolkit. Using the standard Vue toolkit (and eventually Nuxt), I created highly interactive modular components that not only meet design specs but also provide an intuitive user experience. Among these components include an interactive location map linked with the Google Maps API, a dynamic product offering table that consumes custom back-end API data, and highly interactive forms throughout the web app. My main job was to work with their internal team of developers and marketers to coordinate pushes that meet strict deadlines.

  • Create a modern web experience that replaces the old WordPress solution without losing any key content.
  • Improve all web performance markers, including First Contentful Paint (FCP) by over 15%.
  • Work effectively under fast-moving business deadlines and project curveballs.
  • Utilize Vue and Vuex to consume back-end API data and display highly interactive modular components used throughout the app.

I had the opportunity to manage the project Brandon was on when we started building the web app. He took it from start to finish and beyond. Brandon was able to handle high pressure deadlines, deliver great work, and provided a nice addition to the team.


, Project Manager at Fixd Repair

My experience working with Brandon was very positive. He helped me on a variety of client projects and completed them all successfully. In particular, his help on the labelprint.ca forms was invaluable. He helped update a large amount of custom css and javascript on several long web forms to be compatible with the new version of the form plugin's code. I look forward to working with him again.

Crystal Rothwell

, CreateScape

Brandon is a true pro. He helped me bring my designs to life, which helped me get the job I wanted. He's organized, friendly, and always brings good ideas to the table. I would absolutely recommend him to any future clients.

James Giannini

, giannini.com

Brandon communicates very well, follows directions, and saved our project at the 11th hour. He is very approachable and didn't get frustrated when we had to make some quick changes. Highly recommend his services and is one of the best I've worked with.

John Henzy

, Rental Chasers

Brandon did great work for us, would recommend and will likely use his expertise again in the future.


, CarBuckets

Brandon is a great developer. He is very reliable. I hired him to help with some extra work and he did a great job. Thanks Brandon.

Crystal Rothwell

, CreateScape

I had a great experience working with Brandon. He asked all the right questions and kept me updated throughout the duration of the project. He completed the project right on schedule and everything turned out perfect!

Mike B

, Voodoo Manufacturing

Great work! We would definitely recommend Brandon to anyone looking for WordPress development.

Chris Edmonds

, Element 74

Fast turnaround of exactly what we needed. Able to work with less than perfect specifications. Worked around a significant technical limitation of the framework that we required him to use in a satisfactory way.

Andrew Magruder

I like how I'm able to edit the backend values myself, it's intuitive and didn't take too long to figure out. This is just what we needed, thank you Brandon.

Samar K.

, TWCGlobal

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  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

    Western Governer's University

    Graduated December 2023

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
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    Issued on June 2023

  • ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
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    Issued on June 2023

  • WGU Certified Front-end Developer
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    Issued on August 2023

  • WGU Certified Back-end Developer
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    WGU Certified Back-end Developer

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    Issued on October 2023

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    Issued on November 2022

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    Issued on December 2022

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