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Hello, my name is Brandon and I am a frontend web developer who focuses on vue.js. I blog and showcase some of my projects here.

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  • Quick Tip: Use Bash Aliases To Save Time on The Command Line

    As a developer, a fair portion of your time is spent on the command line. Certain command are used religiously, so why not save a keystroke or ten? Let’s take a common unix need: updating your packages. When you update, you use something like this: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade Wouldn’t it be […]

  • Linux | How To Easily Compress a Video With ffmpeg

    Every here and there, you may come across a use case where it’s necessary to reduce a video file by 50-80% without any noticeable loss of quality. Often times it’s for front-end performance reasons, but can also come in handy if a server has an upload limit(50MB on a typical WordPress site for example). There […]

  • Git Good: Using Cherry-Pick to “Move” Commits

    It’s no secret that Git is an essential tool for all kinds of software. Git isn’t terribly hard to pick up, yet has a complex learning curve. The neat thing about the learning curve is the little tricks just waiting to be picked up. Today, I will be going over something that can be massively […]

  • [Tutorial] Implement Parenthesis Multiplication Using JavaScript & Regex

    When learning a new programming language, a calculator is a great way to flex your ability. Going the extra mile and tacking on extra features proves to be an even more valuable experience. In this article, I will show you how to implement a neat feature: the ability to multiply without an * operator.

  • Vue 3: Making An Input Component with v-model Support

    Vue.js is a powerful JavaScript library that makes creating complex web apps more straightforward than ever. Out of the box, Vue.js gives you most of the tools you need to get going. However, something that seems simple can cause some tricky behavior. One common example I’ve seen is having a component with an input interact […]

  • Quick Tip: Creating Custom Post Types without A Plugin in WordPress

    If you’re creating a custom theme with even a little bit of complexity, chances are, you need some kind of custom post type. There are a few ways to approach it, some involving plugins. The CPT UI plugin is great for managing more complex post types with an intuitive interface. Though, like anything else in […]

  • How To Interact With Iframes Using Cypress.io

    Cypress.io is great for testing the front end of your app’s UI, but at the time of this post, it lacks a few fundamental features. One important feature is handling file uploads natively, but there is a workaround for that. Another popular use case I came across is testing and interacting with iframes. Testing iframes […]

  • Let’s Learn SASS & SCSS: Variables and Nesting (Part 3)

    If you’re reading this post, there’s a chance you’ve already stumbled upon part 1(getting started) and part 2(setting up a build). If you haven’t, checking them out gives this post additional context! Now that we’re starting to learn SASS, it’s natural to dive into the functionality that’s easiest to implement out of the gate. Don’t […]

  • Let’s Learn SASS & SCSS: Extending your knowledge with @extends and @mixins (Part 4)

    There are 3 posts before this article, checking them out might provide additional context for this article. You can check out part 1(getting up and running), part 2(setting up a build), and part 3(variables and nesting). Now that we’ve covered all of the SASS basics, it’s time to dive into the more advanced features! There […]

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  • Let’s Learn SASS & SCSS: Getting Up And Running (Part 1)

    If you’ve been in web development long enough, you’ve probably heard of SASS/SCSS. That’s no surprise, considering it has been around for so long(over 10 years), and it’s included in many popular build systems. Webpack builds such as create-react-app and Vue CLI templates come with easy SASS support. If you’re using your own build system, […]

  • Testing File Uploads With Cypress.io

    Cypress is an end-to-end testing framework designed to provide coverage for front-end UIs. Learning how to automate tests has its learning curve, but the benefits grow with your application’s complexity. I was tasked to test a process that involves uploading multiple types of files. In particular, application/pdf and image/* mime-type files. Doing this with Cypress […]

  • Advancing Your WordPress Workflow: Managing ACF Field Groups The Right Way

    If you develop custom WordPress themes, there’s no doubt ACF (pro) is in your toolbox. Simply put, it feels like a natural extension for developing custom themes. If you still haven’t picked up this tool, I’d recommend hopping over to their website and see what you’ve been missing. Out of the box, you get powerful […]

  • Getting Sassy: 3 Useful Ways To Use SASS Mixins

    For years now, SASS has given CSS the functionalities that native CSS wish it could. These includes variables, selector nesting, mixins, extends, and much more. One simple but very powerful thing SASS gives you is the ability to outsource a similar set of style rules into a reusable “function”. This lets you centralize style logic […]

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Demo 1
Converting jQuery Blog Post Component To Vanilla JS

I have a simple blog component that is written in jQuery. I would like to convert it to plain JavaScript as part of my effort to completely remove jQuery from my portfolio website. Here’s what the code does in order. init() on .header-info click, call the toggle method. Get the initial textbox height and store […]

Demo 2
Converting jQuery Navbar Code to Vanilla JavaScript

I am on a journey to completely replace jQuery on my portfolio site. The first step is updating the 10 or so JavaScript files that still rely on it. Why not start with one of the easier ones, the navbar? As you can see, the code is pretty straightforward. On init, add event listeners to […]

Demo 3
Defining Reusable Column Extends with SCSS

Quick Note: The atSmall type mixins are just basic media queries. Since these kinds of layouts are common, they also need to be overwritable if I want to change the spacing. Generally, the ‘default’ spacing is defined in the extend/mixins. Example Use Cases To get the layout working, you only need a container class and […]

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